【Shadowverse: Evolve】Introducing recommended decks【Advent of Genesis】

This article introduces recommended decks for Advent of Genesis for 『Shadowverse: Evolve』 English players.

These are the decks that were actually used in Japan that were released earlier, so please use them as a reference when creating decks.

Recommended decks by class


Shadowverse Evolve forestcraft deck

Deck CodeQV18


Shadowverse Evolve swordcraft deck

Deck CodeRF2Q

Runecraft (Earth Rite)

Shadowverse Evolve runecraft deck1

Deck Code31G4

Runecraft (Dimension Shift)

Shadowverse Evolve runecraft deck2

Deck Code3BZC


Shadowverse Evolve dragoncraft deck

Deck Code669E


Shadowverse Evolve abysscraft deck

Deck Code7FJ0


Shadowverse Evolve havencraft deck

Deck CodeCNDN

How to use Deck Code

The deck code of the introduced deck can be used with the official app “Deck Log".

decklog banner

First, connect to Deck Log.

Shadowverse Evolve How to use Deck Code

Next, enter the deck code in the form on the upper right.

After entering, press the search button.

Shadowverse Evolve How to use Deck Code2

If you have entered it correctly, the deck will be displayed.

The Deck Log is a useful tool for managing your own decks other than those introduced here, so please make use of it.


This time, we introduced recommended decks for each class.

However, the deck I introduced is an example and is not completely correct.

Please refer to the introduced deck and make your own complete deck.

By the way, I don’t understand English, so if there are any mistakes in the sentences, please tell Google Translate.

Thank you for reading.